Iceland: In the Winter?!

Harpa, Reykjavik

I went to Iceland… in January. Yes, that’s correct: January. And before you ask, yes, it was cold! But I would do it again in a heartbeat, for a few reasons. 1) It was so beautiful. I know there is something to be said for greenery and experiencing Iceland’s midnight sun, but don’t dismiss the […]

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Itinerary: Iceland

My January 2017 trip to Iceland was actually booked entirely through Icelandair as a flash sale on a winter package (details included below). Now, I have to preface this with the disclaimer that I am usually not the ‘vacation package’ type. I prefer a lot of freedom in my travel. But the price was good, the trip sounded like a lot of fun, and the package included airfare and hotel – so, how can you really beat that?!

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Itinerary: Japan

My first trip to Japan was a fifteen-day adventure that took place in May of 2015. It was my first time planning a real vacation, my first time abroad, and my first time ever aboard a plane. My fiance and I packed up our clothing and the bare essentials in two mid-size internal frame packs and off we went, luggage-less, following an itinerary I constructed with the help of google.

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